Why Install Lift and Slide Doors?

Install Lift and Slide Doors
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Lift and slide doors have three major components: a door handle mechanism, a track that the rollers glide across, and rollers. The door handle can move up and down to lock the door. When you lift the handle, you raise the door over the rollers and position it to move smoothly across the track.

Here are the benefits of installing slide and lift doors:

Ease of Movement

The opening and closing mechanism of the lift and slide door is a significant upgrade from the typical sliding glass doors. Turning the handle lifts the gaskets, which in turn lifts the panels. Lifted panels move smoothly along the track without using much energy. When the panels attain the correct position, you will turn the handle again, and the door will lock itself in place.

While a lift and slide door weighs a lot, you can easily open and close the door with just one hand. You can even close the door using one finger.

Energy Efficiency

The hardware and track system create an excellent tight seal that protects your home or business from winter drafts or water. These doors also have aluminum profiles that offer excellent thermal performance.

These capabilities mean that the doors can prevent heat or cooling from escaping from your house. The result is exceptional energy efficiency that lowers your bills.

Natural Light and Unobstructed Views

Your home’s outdoors may have fantastic views that you want to see from the inside of the house. When you install slide doors, you can enjoy these unobstructed views from anywhere in the house. These doors have large glass panels with inconspicuous framing between panels.

The large glass panels allow more sunlight into the house during the day. Research indicates that natural light boosts happiness, makes people healthier, and provides vitamin D.


You can use a lift and slide door to create a seamless path between outdoor and indoor spaces. That’s because the doors don’t have a hinge mechanism or rely on outward folding, unlike some old-fashioned doors. Instead, slide doors just swing, fold, or lift. Such a tiny difference creates a better transition and saves space.

If the lift and slide door has multiple panel designs, the panels will go in front of each other. This requires minimal space and causes little to no disruption of flow from the indoor to the outdoor areas.


A lift and slide door is usually very heavy and requires special equipment to install. Once you hire professionals to install these doors, burglars and other criminals won’t easily break into your building.

You can also enhance the safety of the doors with tempered glass. Although tempered glass usually is put on one side of the fixture, you can put it on both sides of the lift and slide door.

Using Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and slide doors are a wonderful upgrade to any home. When you install the doors, you can enjoy increased energy efficiency and bring more natural light into your home. You’ll also enjoy the ease of maneuverability and the doors’ sleek, modern design.


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