Excessive daily salt intake is a health hazard

Used daily Salt intake health hazard

Many people do not know how much salt we should eat. And there are various health risks arising from this extra salt.

Daily salt intake

The main constituents of salt intake are sodium and chloride. .Excess sodium causes high blood pressure, heart problems, complex kidney disease and many other diseases in the body. It also increases the risk of liver and stomach cancer.

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Eating processed food

In addition, this sodium in salt intake is largely responsible for excess fat. .So you need to have moderate amount of daily salt intake in your daily diet. It is better to eat fresh food without eating processed food.

In addition, it is important to avoid foods that contain high levels of daily salt intake . .Such as: canned biscuits, chips, soy sauce, ketchup, salad dressing etc. In addition, it is better to have a small amount of salt intake in cooking.

Dr. Tanzia Nahar Tina

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