Deciding What to Include on Your Business Cards

Business cards are great for company promotion, brand recognition, and providing contact details for potential clients. When properly executed, enterprise business cards can help customers navigate to your site or store more easily. Here are eight things to include on your business cards for optimized functionality and design:

1. Business Logo

A logo leaves a visual impression on passing strangers. Including a unique logo or picture can boost brand recognition, exemplify your business, and demonstrate your brand’s professionalism. Make the image clear and visible to help it stand out on your enterprise business cards.

2. Contact Information

Your contact information is the substance of these pocket-sized ads. Include your phone number, email, and social media handles. The goal is to simplify the communication process while creating a personal connection between your company and potential customers.

3. Website URL

A company’s website is a primary resource for online visibility. Include short URLs to your website where clients can visit your company’s homepage. They can use the URL to access detailed information about your products and services before making a purchase.

4. QR Code

A scannable QR code is an interactive tool and can act as a call to action, potentially increasing brand and client engagement. It can lead prospective clients to your company’s homepage, product gallery, price catalog, or blog. Incorporating a QR code on your business card streamlines the get-to-know-you process. 

5. Name and Specialties

Establish a personal touch by including your full name and any specialties or additional qualifications. Adding specific information, including titles like founder, president, or CEO, can help promote your experience and demonstrate your rank within the company.

6. Company Slogan

A brief, distinctive overview of your company’s mission can be a great way to strengthen brand recognition on your business card. If your company doesn’t already have a slogan or tagline, you can create one by briefly outlining your company’s main ideas. Explore your brand’s objectives, the products and services you offer, and what sets you apart. These components establish the core of your company’s identity and can help your slogan stand out.

7. Physical Address

List your business’s address if you have a physical establishment. Doing this can help local clients find and visit your storefront more easily. Briefly include any additional instructions needed for finding your business as well.

8. White Space

Including sufficient white space on your business card helps highlight the most important information and improve the overall appearance. Overcrowding a business card with too much text or images can be counterproductive. A clean design looks professional, organized, and modern. You can also leave a blank space for prospective clients to write notes and comments based on their interaction with your business.

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Create Your Enterprise Business Cards

A well-designed business card with relevant information may help you make a good first impression, establish trustworthiness, and turn prospects into rewarding long-term clients. Use each component of your card design to signify your brand values and vision. Avoid verbosity, be succinct, and establish a creative design to make your cards memorable. Create your enterprise business cards today to help guide potential clients to your door.

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