Kidney Patient Protection

Kidney patient protection

The elderly are not the only ones at risk of coronavirus infection. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease are also at risk. In such patients, Covid-19 disease can take a complex shape. .Therefore, people suffering from diabetes and kidney problems like high blood pressure and heart disease should also be careful.

Patients with long-term kidney problems or chronic kidney disease will lead a well-controlled life with regular medication. .If you have diabetes, you can control your blood sugar through well-controlled diet, medication and exercise. Social distance rules and hygiene rules must be followed to prevent Kovid-19. Exercise regularly at home. .If you have to go out in case of emergency, you have to use a mask. No medication should be stopped at this time without the advice of a doctor.

Kidney patients who are using immunosuppressive drugs and steroids, who have had a kidney transplant, need to be extra careful. This is because such patients have low immunity.

What to do in this case:

  • Regular use of masks, adherence to social distance rules, frequent hand washing.Do not come in contact with corona infected patients or suspected patients
  •  Use a separate room or separate bed if possibleSeparate your daily necessities
  •  Consult a doctor immediately in case of fever-cough, shortness of breathEnsuring the personal hygiene of the caregiver and caregiver of the patient and

Do not use public transport.

Those who are taking dialysis should continue dialysis according to the rules prescribed by their doctor. If any symptoms like illness, fever-cough, sore throat appear, the doctor should be informed immediately and examination should be done. .At the same time, the dialysis center should be alerted so that they can take precautionary measures for the suspected corona patient.

Excessive stress, less sleep increases the risk of heart disease.For those kidney patients who suffer from panic disorder, depressive illness or insomnia, it is best to avoid news or posts of concern and anxiety spread through the media and social media in the current situation.

Consultant Nephrology, United Hospitals Limited



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