Impairment of the child’s intellectual development


Intellectual developmental impairment refers to a child’s intellectual and mental activity. .It is a collective condition that occurs mainly during the growth or development of the brain from the time of pregnancy of a mother to a child. .Significant deficiencies are observed in the acquisition and application of language with a child’s intellectual capacity such as thinking, thinking, teaching, judgment, planning, problem solving, abstract thinking, money transactions, social skills etc. .According to the degree of intellectual and language development deficits, the symptoms of children with intellectual development are as follows-

.The complex and advanced rules inherent in bilingual mother tongues, especially complex sentences with independent and dependent terms, are limited in understanding and application of multi-meaning sentences.

Limitations in understanding and applying grammatical formulas read at different levels of the school.

.Lack of bilingual qualification means limitation in analyzing, interpreting and describing something through language.

Deficiency in the acquisition of phonetic awareness, that is, the limitation in exposing the nature of the written form with the reading form of the language.

.Every bilingual word contains some or the other statement in which various semantic consonants are hidden. Basically, it is by pronouncing the words that a child conveys his desired speech to others and finds meaning in a word expressed by others. .Achieves communication for socialization. Which is an intellectual developmental impairment children have significant limitations in speaking and understanding speech.

.If any of the above are observed in your child, he should be treated as soon as possible. Need to diagnose language limitations through medical linguists and provide speech language therapy. .Prior to this, the diagnosis should be made by a psychiatrist and if necessary, medication should be given for behavioral difficulties.

Dr. Fahmida Ferdous
Psychiatrist and medical linguist
.Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, ZH Sikder Women’s Medical College and Hospital


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