Ever sunburned skin color is normal?

Ever sunburned skin color is normal?

Shyama wanders outside all day. There is no way out without going out. Just going to university after college. Coaching in the morning, computer classes in the afternoon, sometimes driving training in the afternoon, sometimes learning to work in dress design. He spends the whole day in extreme busyness. At least one of them has to come in contact with the sun for an hour. Lately, everyone around Shyama has been heard to say that the color of your skin is getting darker.

Shyama also noticed the matter. The sun can cause special damage to the skin. The sun is responsible for about 90 percent of the wrinkles on the skin. However, many people do not seem to know the relief that can be obtained from the damage caused to the youthful skin due to the scorching sun. Studies have shown that it helps the tissues or tissues under the skin to regenerate and renew themselves. Not many people are aware of the need to be careful in adopting this strategy. In this regard, dermatologist or dermatologist says that sunscreen or moisturizer with at least 15 protection factor (SPF) should be applied to the exposed part of the body every day throughout the year. And it should be kept on the veranda or when standing in the sun to do any work when the window is exposed to the sun. This caution should be exercised even when exposed to the sweet winter sun.

.In this way, if you can follow the rules and walk behind the sun, in a couple of years, the skin will get back the softness and more elasticity as before. But the sunscreen has to be right. Although many well-known companies have mentioned the presence of sunscreen in various creams through advertisements, it is doubtful whether there is any sunscreen in them as the SPF level is not mentioned in the wrapper. Keep in mind the amount of sunscreen.

.The level of sunscreen should be at least 15 for us. So you have to look at these when buying sunscreen. These are available in drug and cosmetics stores.
So it is not the skin that turns brown when it comes in contact with the sun. It is possible to compensate for the skin damage caused by the sun.

However, for those whose skin has been sunburned for a long time, it will take a little longer to get results by adopting this technique. In addition, those who have already reached the age of 50 will take more time to get results. This is because the skin loses elasticity in old age.


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