How To Prepare for a Bathroom Cabinet Installation?

Cabinets can enhance your bathroom’s style and functionality. They add aesthetic appeal and offer ample storage in your home. Experienced experts can design and install your cabinetry for terrific results. Getting ready for bathroom cabinet installation can secure a successful project.

Here are tips for preparing for your bathroom cabinetry installation:

Clear Out Your Bathroom

Before the project begins, you need to empty your bathroom. Clearing out items creates space for installers to work effectively. You can keep the removed belongings in your garage or basement to avoid damage during the installation.

Below are some things you might need to remove from your bathroom:

  • Décor
  • Removable mirrors
  • Towels
  • Shower gels and soaps
  • Drawers
  • Existing cabinets

You can hire someone to disassemble your current cabinets. Selling or donating those old cabinets can be an excellent idea.

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Clean the Space

Once your bathroom is free from any clutter or items, clean it thoroughly. You can wipe down the walls and scrub the floors. Experts will need clean walls to install your new cabinetry.

Keeping the bathroom clean prevents dust and dirt from trekking into the entire house. A dry bathroom controls any slip-and-fall accidents where installers will be working. A safe space can help the installation process take a reasonable time.

Cover Fixtures, Appliances, and Walls

If you can’t move heavy items or appliances, cover them. You can cover your sink, bathtub, and toilet to control dust and dirt issues. Concealing surrounding walls can keep them safe from potential damage and sawdust.

You can use protective sheets, such as drop cloths, to cover your walls and appliances. If you have wall-mounted or free-standing vanities in your washroom, cover them for protection.

Get Your Walls Ready

After removing old cabinets from your bathroom walls, they might need some prep work. Your walls might need the following:

  •  Drywalling
  •  Priming
  •  Painting

Once you know the color of your cabinets, you can choose the ideal wall tone to enhance your bath space. If you have limited time or budget, you can opt for a primer coat. The primer protects your wall from peeling or any damage when positioning cabinet boxes. An excellent primer manages odor and moisture, which are common in the bathroom.

Prepare the Work Area

Installers might need a work area to cut your cabinets into the right sizes. They might also need some room for their equipment and tools during installation.

You can dedicate a room close to the bathroom to act as the work area during the installation. When installers have an indoor workspace, they can save the time of moving back and forth between the bathroom and outside.

Secure the Project Site

Once you have the work area, you might need to secure the passageway. This step might require removing anything that can block installers from moving easily from the driveway to the project site. A clear driveway can give space for experts to unload and load your cabinets and other tools.

Get a dumpster for easy disposal during and after the installation. Proper lighting at the work site can boost safety and productivity for installers. This may be in the form of work lamps or open curtains and overhead lights. You will also need to keep your pets and kids away from the project site to keep them safe and avoid disruptions to the project.

Get Professional Bathroom Cabinet Installation

Bathroom cabinet installation needs proper preparation. Working with qualified installers can simplify the entire process and make it successful. Experts can design the right cabinets, depending on the available space, style, and material of choice. Bathroom cabinetry should meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

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